Getting Started with Inject Detect

Getting started with Inject Detect is easy! Your Inject Detect account is designed to work with an unlimited number of Meteor applications. When you create your Inject Detect account, we’ll set up your first application automatically.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll want to configure your Meteor application to start sending query information to Inject Detect.

Configure Your Meteor Application

First things first, you’ll need to install the east5th:inject-detect package in your Meteor application:

meteor add east5th:inject-detect

It’s important that the east5th:inject-detect package is loaded before any other packages that define MongoDB collections. Adjust your .meteor/packages file accordingly.

Next, you’ll need to add an inject-detect section to your Meteor’s applications settings.json file that includes your Inject Detect “application secret”. This configuration object can be found in your application’s settings modal.


That’s it! Your application is now sending query information to Inject Detect.

Train Your Application

New Inject Detect applications start in “training mode”, which means that every detected query will automatically be added as an “expected query”. Once connected to Inject Detect, take the time to run your application through its paces.

Once you’re satisfied that your application has made at least one of every type of query it’s expected to make, turn off “training mode” in your application’s settings. Worried you’re missing an expected query? Don’t be - you can always mark unexpected queries as expected.

Once your application is out of “training mode”, we’ll alert you whenever we detect any unexpected queries made by your application.