Inject Detect will be shutting down as of Monday, March 13th, 2018.

While I still believe that NoSQL Injection is one of the greatest threats to the security of all Meteor applications, the implementation of Inject Detect just didn't fit our customers' needs. That said, I've decided to open source the Inject Detect application and the Inject Detect Meteor package for posterity and to inspire future developers to implement their own solutions to the problem of detecting NoSQL Injection.

While I'm shutting down Inject Detect, I'm focusing my efforts in a new direction. I've decided to document and distill everything I've come to know about Meteor security in a guide called Secure Meteor. The goal of Secure Meteor is identical to that of Inject Detect: to help you build secure Meteor applications.

Active customers of Inject Detect have already been notified of this change and have been given options for retreiving their data.

Goodbye and good luck,
Pete Corey